KnifeSol supplies machine knives and blades in various materials. We can meet any OEM specifications and raise the base material.

(*) for metal cutting industry we supply knives and blades only with ESR-materials.

For more information on the benefits of ESR materials.

«KnifeSol want you to know that there are innovative materials in the world capable of increasing the quality level of your production at competitive prices»

More details on the right newest material grades and design start with KnifeSol specialists.
We can recommend you the right material depending on your application and what you are cutting, because depending on the application and material being cut, the material attributes will vary. Our goal is your success! We aim to operate your plant at maximum productivity.
Contact KnifeSol team to discuss your current knife material, our specialists are available for check and recommend, where applicable, an upgraded material aiming a longer life time of your Knive, contact us!

“ Our profession is to make your dream come true because your are in the center of our world! “

Available coating option:
TiN (Titanium Nitride)