Knives and blades for scrap recycling

The scraps recycling industry has developed considerably in recent years and KnifeSol is at your disposal to provide you with knives and blades with the best wear resistance and toughness, with a special price-performance ratio that you could not get from our competitors until today. You should know that the majority of the most famous knife manufacturers in the world have been supplying their customers for this industrial sector for more than 50 years with knives and blades for recycling mainly with tool steels made with conventional casting processes. KnifeSol is doing to accompany you one step further, supplies knives and blades for the recycling industry only and exclusively with special ESR materials. With this technology (ESR remelting process) the knives and blades supplied by us exceed all performance expectations compared to those provided by our competitors, since ESR materials, even with the same chemical composition, have higher mechanical strength characteristics compared to materials obtained with the simple conventional melting process. Our profession is designed to enrich the individual needs of our customers, and since these are wearing parts, we want to help our customers be one step ahead, saving them a lot of money.

We can say that the advantage of KnifeSol is that it offers its customers knives and blades for the recycling industry with added value. Call us!

Ask KnifeSol about replacement knives for:

Al-Jon, Alliierter Gator, Amis, Bonfiglioli, Kanton, Raupe, Colmar, Sternbild, D & K, Dudley, Eldan, Genesis, Gross, Harris, Holzmag, IPS, Kinshofer, KRB, LaBounty, Lefort, Lindemann, Lindner, Logemann, Lollini, MAC, Marathon, Mawera, McIntyre, Mewa, Mosley, Moros, Nexgen, NPK, Osmeka, Pemberton, Rainbold, Richards, RSN, Selco, Schuko, Sierra Idromec, Thunderbird, Tezuka, Untha, US Shear, Vecoplan, Vezzani, Votecs, Wagner, Weima, Zeno, Zerbrik und Zerma.

In addition, KnifeSol also custom-supplies knives and blades for any other mobile or stationary shear in the world. 

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