Circular knives

KnifeSol circular knives are only made of special materials (KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5) but above all made exclusively with the ESR remelting process. The circular knives, made with these ESR materials, exceed all performance expectations compared to knives produced with conventional materials.

KnifeSol profession is aimed to meet the individual needs of our customers, whether for cutting the heaviest gauge steel or the lightest gauge non-ferrous metal. KnifeSol knives are available with ground, fine grinded, lapped or polished surface finishes. These surfaces combined with the intrinsic characteristics of ESR materials increase the life of the knife, allowing you to use a knife that is one step ahead and consequently you will save a lot of money. We can say that the advantage of KnifeSol is to provide its customers with knives with added value.

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Max. outer diameter: 1400 mm.
Max. thickness tollerance: ± 0,001 mm.
Max. parallelism: 0,001 mm
Max. flatness: 0,002 mm.
Max. roughness value Ra: 0,05 µm.