Corrugator rolls

KnifeSol supplies following corrugator rolls at competitive price worldwide:

  a) Corrugating Rolls
Glue Rolls
  c) Pressure Rolls
  d) Doctor Rolls

a) Corrugating Rolls 

KnifeSol thanks to the competence of corrugated cardboard production processes, we supplies all types of corrugating rolls for each type of corrugators brand at competitive prices. Since the corrugating rollers are the main element of each corrugator, whose abrasion resistance is the main technical index for measuring quality and economic efficiency of the plant as generate the quality of the corrugated cardboard and the productivity of the corrugator, they are produced in a single factory which over time has gained extensive knowledge and mastery on this product to guarantee the highest quality at a competitive price.

KnifeSol supplies corrugated rolls made with special materials, hardened and chrome or tungsten carbide coated. The coating type we are increasingly supply is the tungsten carbide coating since the customers want to be one step ahead, because they have understood the qualitative and economic benefit compared to the chrome coating that have less lifetime.

The tungsten carbide surface coating:
Over the years the factory has developed the tungsten carbide coating with hard treatment by laser. This exclusive process guarantees extremely high hardness on the entire roll work surface with strong bond to the base material for a thickness of 60-80 µm with a hardness of 1250 HV, ensuring the top wear resistance. It is well know that the lifetime of Tungsten carbide corrugating roller is 3-5 times than the chrome corrugating roller. We can say that the advantage of KnifeSol is to provide its customers with corrugating rolls with added value at a competitive price.

The chrome surface coating:
Produced with most advanced high-efficiency functional electro chrome coating technology that give a uniform and special microstructure on the entire roll work surface with durable bond to the base material for a thickness of 100-120 µm with a hardness of 900-950 HV. The chrome coating ensure a good wear resistance.

Corrugating rolls dimensional range:
Diameter:       from Ø100 mm up to Ø600 mm
Length:            from 100 mm up to 4000 mm

Rolls for any kind of corrugators brand, like: AGNATI, BHS, FOSBER, LANGSTON, LMC, MITSUBISHI, TCY, HSIEH HSU, HUBEI JS, YULI, K&H, ORANDA and more.

b) Glue Rolls

KnifeSol supplies glue rolls to distribute the glue on the corrugated cardboard sheets.

c) Pressure Rolls 

d) Doctor Rolls 


The coatings are precision polished using the most advanced technology for reducing the friction on rollers and increasing the performance.


The shipment of all type of corrugator rolls is made using special strong plywood cases.