Top, Bottom and dished Knives

KnifeSol supplies knives and blades for all users who produce or process paper. The quality of the product and the precision of our knives are at the forefront of reducing the problem of dust which is a well-known problem in the paper converting industry. In fact, dust, in the process of making or processing paper, is a problem to be minimized as much as possible. With KnifeSol you can truly reduce the generation of dust in your system, thanks to the better surface finish of the knive and thanks to the wide choice of materials that we can supply you (from tool steel up to Tungsten Carbide).

We can say that the purchase of knives from us guarantees you the following two advantages:
  ✓ competitive price.
  ✓ cutting edge product.

Types of Top knives:
  • Conical knives (with normal or special bevel).
  • Flat knives (in various types of bevel).
  • Conical cup knives
  • Pressure cutting knives (with each sharpening angle, 5 °, 6 °, 15 °, 20 °, 25°, 30 °, 38 °, 45 ° and 60°).
  • Pipe cutting knives

Types of Bottom knives:
   Various counter-knives (cup, double-edged and customized) with or without groove or screw fixing.
  • Multiple counter knives

TiN surface coating
Upon specific customer request, we also supply knives with TiN (titanium nitride) surface coating to increase tool life, since TiN coating has the intrinsic advantage of increasing surface hardness and reducing friction, thus increasing the life of the tool. knive up to 2-3 times compared to an uncoated knife.

We supply knives for each machine brand, the most popular on the market are:
A & F Slitters, A Celli, Agnati, Arrow, Ashe, Austrian Machine, Beck, Beloit, Bielomatic, Cameron, Catbridge, Cevenini, Clark Aiken, Deacro, Dietzco, Drent, Dusenbery, Fosber, Gallus, Goebel, GTW, Helios, Jagenberg, Jennerjahn, Johnstone, Judelshon, Kampf, KMEC, Koegel, KTI, Langston, Lenox, Masson Scott, Mario Cotta, Marquip, Maxxon, MHI, Moore & White, Nilpeter, Pasaban, PEMCO, Roda, Rollem, Rosenthal, Roto, Rotoflex, Schober, Stanford, Titan, Valmet, Voith, Webco.

Given the great variety of machines and the type of knives and sizes, it’s our pleasure to supply you knives according to your drawings.