Tube cut off knives - Guillotine blades

KnifeSol supplies tube cut off knives engineered for long-life and a burr-free cut. We supply tube cut off knives using high speed steel material, hardened at core and finished with mechanical processing to the required dimensions and precision in accordance to your technical specifications. The main characteristics of the guillotine blades are flatness, hardness, wear resistance and toughness. Therefore we supply cut off knives TiN coated to increase the tool life, since TiN coating (Titanium Nitride) has the intrinsic advantage of increasing surface hardness and reducing friction, thus increasing tool life up to 2 – 3 times than an uncoated guillotine blade.
We supplies cut off blade for the most popular machine brands in the market including Alpha, Eagle, Haven, Pines, T&H Lemont, Yoder and more.