Tungsten carbide Knives

KnifeSol supplies Tungsten carbide knives for all users who produce or process paper. The quality of the product and the precision of our Tungsten carbide knives are at the forefront of reducing the problem of dust which is a well-known problem in the paper converting industry. In fact, dust, in the process of making or processing paper, is a problem to be minimized as much as possible. With KnifeSol tungsten carbide you can truly reduce the generation of dust in your system, thanks to the better surface finish of the knive that you cannot compare with tool steels knives. Carbide consists of composite materials whose carbide elements are bound by a binding agent. The carbide content lies between 85 and 88 %, with a grain size from 0.7 to 3,5 µm. The basic structure of carbide consists of tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co), which create different carbide grades depending on their exact composition. Tungsten carbide also forms the hard phase, while cobalt serves as a binder in the overall structure. Our High Tech Tungsten Carbide knives are used successfully in many paper plants worldwide. Selecting the optimum composition of Tungsten and Cobalt with optimal grain size, KnifeSol tungsten carbide knives achieve longer life time. The cutting surfaces of KnifeSol knives are mirror polished to reduce the work friction, extending the lifetime of the blade and reducing the noise level during cutting.

Higher quality level.
Competitive prices level.
Higher mirror finish (Ra = 0,02 µm).

We can say that the purchase of Tungsten carbide knives from KnifeSol guarantees you the following three advantages:

Reduction of dust.
Long life cutting edge product.
Competitive price.