Razor blades

KnifeSol offers a full line of Tungsten Carbide razor blades for each corrugated cardboard slitting machine type.

We use only Top High Tech Tungsten Carbide materials.

What is carbide?
Carbide consists of composite materials whose carbide elements are bound by a binding agent. The carbide content lies between 85 and 88 %, with a grain size from 0.7 to 3,5 µm. The basic structure of carbide consists of tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co), which create different carbide grades depending on their exact composition. Tungsten carbide also forms the hard phase, while cobalt serves as a binder in the overall structure.

Features and advantages
Our High Tech Tungsten Carbide razor blades are used successfully in many corrugated cardboard production plants worldwide. Selecting the optimum composition of Tungsten and Cobalt with optimal grain size, KnifeSol razor blades achieve longer life time in terms of additional million meters of corrugated cardboard cutting in comparison to the average duration of blades made in Europe.
The cutting surfaces of KnifeSol razor blades are mirror polished to reduce the work friction, extending the lifetime of the blade and reducing the noise level during cutting.
   ✓ Higher quality level.
   ✓ Competitive prices level.
   ✓ Maximum blade lifetime is 16 million meters.
   ✓ Higher mirror finish (Ra = 0,02 µm).
   ✓ Each blade is separately packed.

Price List:

For machine not listed above we are at your disposal to prepare a special offer in accordance to your specifications or drawing. We can produce any razor blade.

Conditions of offer:
• All materials will be delivered with express courier in appropriate packaging for safe transport (each blade is separately packed).
• Delivery condition for UE countries: INCOTERMS 2010 DDP to customer address. The shipment cost is not included in the price list and have to be offered separately.
• Delivery condition for non UE countries: INCOTERMS 2010 CIF (port to be specified). The shipment cost is not included in the price list and have to be offered separately.

One Razor Blade drawing example: