Rubber bondet steel spacers / stripper rings

KnifeSol supplies rubber bonded steel spacers made of heart-hardened tool steel. The rubber bonded steel spacers are manufactured to the same tolerances (flatness and parallelism) as the circular knive. The Steel is heart-hardened, so all tools mounted on the shaft (knives, spacers and rubber-bonded steel spacers) receive the best possible shape stability and the associated precision of the entire cutting system required in the shaft assembly. The deformation due to manipulation errors is counteracted as best as possible thanks to the fully hardened material. This enables a longer lifespan for the rubber bonded steel spacers.

We offer two types of rubber, nitrile rubber (Buna N) and polyurethane. The choice of rubber type depends on the materials you are processing.
KnifeSol supports you in choosing your rubber type:

   ♦ If possible, avoid polyurethanes on oiled surfaces.
   ♦ Use polyurethane on sensitive surfaces.

KnifeSol supplies rubber bonded steel spacers with recessed rubber to eliminate deformation forces from rubber natural deformation during the driving / cutting process.

An example of rubber reset in rubber bonded steel spacers:

Max. thickness tollerance: ± 0,001 mm.
Max. parallelism: 0,001 mm
Max. flatness: 0,002 mm.
Max. roughness value Ra: 0,2 µm.